Fansplaining is a podcast about fandom.

Fans have never been more visible in mainstream culture—but what does it really mean to be a fan, or to be part of a fandom? We dig into the conversations currently shaping fan culture, from intersections with the entertainment industry to depictions in the media to conflict within fandom itself. Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel talk to writers, academics, fan creators, people from the entertainment industry, and more, and new episodes come out every two weeks.

Your hosts…

Elizabeth hugs Flourish excitedly around her middle. They wear their usual attire—Elizabeth in cardigan and flared skirt, Flourish in jumpsuit.

Flourish Klink started reading X-files fanfic 20 years ago and hasn’t come up for air since. They co-founded and helped run the HPEF Harry Potter conferences for years, as well as writing a surprisingly small amount of fanfic. They’re a partner at Chaotic Good Studios, a company that plans and develops storyworlds and franchises for major movie studios, networks, and game companies. They live in the East Village with their husband, the poet-programmer Nick Montfort (and therefore are prone to lots of feels about the intersection of fandom, games, and poetry), and they have a dog named Pepys. Find them at and

Elizabeth Minkel spent close to two decades lurking in fandom—and the past few years speaking up about fandom as much as she could. She’s an editor at How We Get To Next, a magazine about the future, and has written for The Guardian, The New Yorker, the New Statesman, The New York Times, The New Republic, The Verge, and The Millions. (She’s also written a whole lot of fanfic—self-indulgent time-travel crossovers!—that shamefully languishes in WIP Land, never published.) She curates a weekly fandom newsletter, “The Rec Center,” with fellow fandom journalist Gavia Baker-Whitelaw. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Orlando. Find her at and

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