Special Episode 1: Harry Potter and the Curse of the Neverending Canon

The cover of Special Episode 1: the Cursed Child poster.

In Special Episode #1, “Harry Potter and the Curse of the Neverending Canon,” Flourish and Elizabeth discuss Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (perhaps it’s no surprise, given the title, to hear that they didn’t really like it). They discuss the text itself, from the plot to the themes to the actual script writing, before pulling back to debate the original series’ major themes—and how they’d rather see the Harry Potter universe continue...or not. To listen and read the transcript, pledge to our Patreon!


Show Notes

[00:00:00] As always, our intro music is “Awel” by stefsax, used under a CC-BY 3.0 license. And before you listen to this episode, make sure you read Elizabeth’s take on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child“Harry Potter and the Sanctioned Follow-On Work (or, Fanfiction vs the Patriarchy).”

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[00:04:35] All right, this is embarrassing, but here’s @flourish‘s actual expression upon being walked into the Orlando park with her eyes closed and then being allowed to see the castle:

Flourish reacts with joy at seeing Hogwarts Castle.
A sketch of Harry, with freckly face and a wand behind his ear.

[00:14:09] Anyone got some good time travel fic recs? Sock ’em to us and we’ll add ’em in here!

[00:16:53] The interstitial music is “Land of Snow” by Lionel Schmitt, used under a CC-BY license.

[00:19:25] Check out “Alternity”! It’s delightful, if we do say so ourselves.

[00:20:32] Elizabeth’s not joking. The Guardian, for example, crowdsourced fan ideas about how Sherlock faked his death.

[00:24:25] Coca-Cola actually made a lot of Harry Potter commercials. One example:


[00:32:37] Interstitial music is “Force of the Spell” by Lionel Schmitt, used under a CC-BY license.

[00:46:22] All right, we can’t round this one out without Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending. FINE. WE GIVE IN.

A gif of Eddie Redmayne screaming.