Special Episode 3: Fanfiction Book Club #1

Special Episode 3’s cover: a pint of beer in a glass.

In Special Episode 3, confusingly titled "Fanfiction Book Club #1," Elizabeth and Flourish discuss "The Pure and Simple Truth," a novel-length Harry Potter fanfic by lettered. The story, set after the action of the books, is mostly a series of conversations at a pub: Harry and Draco, now colleagues at the Ministry, invite various friends to drinks with them, and eventually everyone more or less manages to get along. Flourish and Elizabeth's discussion, on the other hand, covers the nature of morality and the possibility of forgiveness for evil actions, or truth and reconciliation after war. You know, light fanfic stuff. To listen to this episode or read the transcript, pledge to our Patreon!


Show Notes

[00:00:00] As always, our intro music is “Awel” by stefsax, used under a CC-BY 3.0 license.

[00:01:02] The fic we’re discussing is “The Pure and Simple Truth” by lettered.

[00:01:53] The Rec Center is, if you don’t know, here.

[00:18:59] The story Elizabeth is referring to is “At Your Service,” by Faith Wood.

[00:22:46] We don’t want to put in recs of “evil mother in law” Mrs Weasley fics, because they would be anti-recs and that’s mean. 

[00:33:48] We talk a lot about morality here, um, if you want to you could go read the Wikipedia pages for Locke and Hobbes or something?

[00:35:22] UGH MIKE PENCE. Here is Stephen Colbert on the topic to make you feel better.


[00:37:36] We don’t want to put in recs of quarter-life-crisis Harry fics, because they would be anti-recs and that’s mean.


A gif in which Mirror Universe Spock says “The agony booth is a most effective means of discipline.” Originally posted by Giantmonster on Tumblr.

[00:45:35] Elizabeth wishes she could remember her freshman year “Evil” syllabus, but she does remember it included Hannah Arendt and W. G. Sebald.

[00:50:59] The ace/aro Rec Center list is super worth reading!!