Special Episode 5: Brooklyn 99


In Special Episode #5, “Brooklyn 99,” Flourish and Elizabeth talk comedy. Elizabeth, an avid 90s sitcom viewer, schools Flourish on the format. Then Flourish, who’s never seen an episode of Brooklyn 99 before, shares her reactions. Finally, they discuss episode 5x08, “Return to Skyfire,” in which the B99 crew attend a fantasy con and solve a mystery for Terry’s favorite author. To listen or read the transcript, pledge to our Patreon!


Show Notes

[00:00:00] As always, our intro music is “Awel” by stefsax, used under a CC-BY 3.0 license.

[00:02:21] There are a confusing and growing number of Frasier memes out there, including LEGO FRASIER.

Lego Frasier says, “We’ve had a tough day. We’ve tangled with a little pipe and porcelain. Now it’s Montrachet time.”

[00:13:47] Interstitial music by Paul Tyan.

We don’t actually mention this article in the episode, but Elizabeth loves all Michael Schur’s shows, and this article, “The good places: The uncommonly decent TV worlds of Michael Schur” by Erik Adams, explains some of why.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew raises their glasses, shouting “NINE-NINE!”

[00:27:23] We are not exaggerating when we say you must watch at least a little bit of Extras. It is cringeworthy and so SO funny. The two segments we refer to in this episode:


[00:34:00] We present to you The Most of this trope. 

A gif of Hermione raising her hand.

She just needs Ron to loosen her up, don’tcha know?

And now, to round it out, a lot of gifs of THE BEST CON EPISODE EVER:

Gif: Jake and Terry skip around, singing.
A gif. Jake, dressed as an elf, says “Wait - why are there so many Ka’lars?!” Terry replies, “Costume contest just ended.”