Special Episode 7: The Serial Numbers

Special Episode 7’s cover: A saint stretches out over a book, writing in it.

Special Episode 7, “The Serial Numbers,” is the first of a two-part series on Elizabeth and Flourish’s fanfiction writing practices. In this installment, Elizabeth interviews Flourish about her changing attitudes towards the relationship between canon and fic, different types of AUs, and “filing off the serial numbers.” They also discuss taste, genre conventions, influence in all kinds of writing, and finding the language to describe what your work is doing. To listen to this episode or read the transcript, pledge to our Patreon!


Show Notes

[00:00:00] As always, our intro music is “Awel” by stefsax, used under a CC-BY 3.0 license.

[00:02:10] In case you’re listening to these out of order…the “last episode” was number 81, “Happy Anniversary #3.”

[00:03:06] The XMFC fic Flourish recommended to Elizabeth is “Anarchy in the UK” by Yahtzee.

A gif in which Sarek and Amanda, from  Star Trek , share a Vulcan finger kiss.

[00:07:10] “The Reylo Episode” is #66, “The Humanizing Turn.” The AU episode is #72. Flourish’s meta, “The Problem of Reylo,” is here.

[00:13:47] The Georgette Heyer book in which Austen means you’re awesome is A Civil Contract.

[00:14:22] The Bustle article is “9 Works of Literature that are Basically Fanfiction.”

[00:22:10] The personal essay Flourish wrote about comics and access is “My Life With Comics.”


A comic in which a person shouts “I DON’T LIKE THING.” An angel comes down from heaven and hands him a note that says, “OK.”

[00:42:35] Whether or not you’re in the US and get NPR, you can listen to Selected Shorts online!

[00:48:01] The issue of The Rec Center Elizabeth is talking about is here.

[00:56:16] Here’s the Ask Polly article we’re discussing! 

[00:59:28] Our outro music is “Meditation” from Glitch, the game.